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P.I.C. started scrawling on public spaces back in 1981- 82 under a number of previous aliases: PWJ, PJ57, RABO, RUIN and For3.

In 1984 he started to ‘MC’ with his best school friend Gee A and that is when Partners In Crime was born.

P.I.C. – with its distinctive heart above the ‘I’ started to appear all over London (All City) as a mass self promotion campaign for the MC duo. Possibly the first London street promotion of its kind.

In 1985 his 1st LT train was hit. It was only written by one person, so the insignia was uniform. “I did all the promotion; my partner just didn’t have the style, the flare or the bottle. I was putting this out to the public and I had to see it everywhere. It had to be right.”

By 1986, due to work commitments Partners In Crime split, however the name carried on and P.I.C. starting mixing with other writers joining WRH (We Rock Hard) and thus became integrated in the general London graffiti scene.

“I don’t know how, but I had this ability and urge to go anywhere in London, any ruff sides on my own, doing my own thing. Always equipped and getting up. I was invisible but left a trail.”

2005 was the start of the Invisible Sticker campaign – the PIC UP series. As well as this, he collaborated with Prime to create London Legends – an established collective of writers.

London Legends Mission statement:

“We are a collective of pioneering graffiti artists and writers from London circa 1980’s. Our aim is to recognise new talent, endorsing artists and their works. Our interest is to maintain our works and that of others always protecting and archiving original works for future reference”.


In 2011 P.I.C is working with a new medium – sculptures from 6mm steel.

His new works entitled Back to Steel were exhibited at The Team Robbo - The Sell Out Tour in April 2011.