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Doze began Writing Graffiti in 1985. In 1986 he co-founded WRH (We Roc Hard) with Robbo. WRH became one of the most prolific and highly respected crews in London at a time when graffiti was in its infancy. WRH is still going strong today with six members….all highly respected within the graffiti community.

Doze qualified in Graphic Art and Communications and this has translated into his very unique graffiti style that is often angular, symmetrical and executed with precision and sharpness.

Doze’s work is instantly recognisable for it’s colourful ‘Tiger Stripe’ style fill-ins, that form the basis for his abstract non-graffiti work.

Doze has painted with some of graffiti’s finest artists from both the UK and Europe and has had work published in countless graffiti magazines over the years. Most recently his work has been published in the acclaimed books London Blackbook and London Handstyles, the latter of which he was quoted as saying “For me the essence of graffiti is bombing, plain and simple….first and foremost I am a bomber, a vandal and proud of that fact”.

Doze has been a member, since it’s formation in 1991, of the prolific PFB Graffiti crew whose members span the globe.

He was also recently inaugurated into the famous UA (United Artists) graffiti crew by its founder – the legendary Duster.