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In his own words:

“My calling came while in the third year of secondary school – a dull English lesson was suddenly brought into spectacular life by the sounds of a sixth former blasting his ‘boom box’ through the school corridor.

It was 1984, the track was Wikki Wikki by Newcleus and I was awakened.

My search to find the origin of the alien sound took me on a journey that started by ‘turning the dial’ to pirate radio. From here I was carried on a deeper journey into the sub-cultural world of graffiti.

Living so close to the District Line, I was able to sit on the roof of my dad’s house and watch the trains go by and here I fantasized about following the example set in New York of painting huge letters on the sides of subway trains.

Due to my vantage point so close to the trains and sidings, I was able to turn dreams into reality and become part of the ‘first wave’ of pioneers to paint London’s tube trains.

During the eighties I painted incessantly, by the nineties, ‘Fuel’ had become a name synonymous with underground tube graffiti.

My current work continues to push at the imposition of perceived boundaries and has evolved from the train yards to be developed into a ‘personal alphabet’ of works, which spell out a deeper enquiry regarding the limits of space and time.”