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Choci-Roc emerged from the punk scene in Cambridgeshire, dj’ing and throwing illegal parties whilst being constantly drawn to London by the small mindedness of provincial living.

Whilst residing on a Thames Valley sailing barge Choci met some New Yorkers who invited him to ‘come and party’. Choci immediately fell in love with mid-eighties New York culture – writing, rapping etc, it was the new punk, illegal expression, big steel canvasses, b-boyisms. Choci was shown the ways of an underground art movement called ‘stylewriting’ by some of its finest exponents, rocstar brothers Mare and Kel, CIA General Dondi, Kaze – Choci – the new punk, was the first non New Yorker painting steel, swimming through the undercurrent of economic disaster, crack, weed, dust, steel, heat, slices, fat laces, cazals, writing, breaks – all became loosely connected under the banner of hip hop…..

Choci returned to London, bursting with creativity from New York’s culture, falling in love with the streets,┬ámerging New York with London, carrying his name far and wide under the cover of darkness….whilst legal commissions were coming in, the dj’ing was taking off too… the advent of acid house saw the Choci brand spread worldwide via, dj’ing, record/album productions, the world famous Chocis Chewns record store and studios.

Now a little older and bored (done) with dj’ing (sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll) Choci-Roc has re-awoken his creative juices as a key member of Team Robbo…

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