If you are ever lucky enough to meet the notorious graffiti artist Robbo – he is likely to overwhelm you with his presence – real, direct, adorable and intimidating all at the same time. His central passion in life reflects the same inevitable conflict…his love for making art where it is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. No-one can tell this man what not to do.

Robbo has been involved for over 30 years in the art of graffiti and is now finally witnessing his passion becoming a part of art history – as the Victoria & Albert Museum starts to collect evidence of graffiti for future generations. Of course, he is slightly uncomfortable with commercial galleries, but after having seen the majority of his pieces disappear, Robbo is amused to witness the appreciation of his work rising on the art market. It has been a long journey to get here and it was certainly never about money, but about freedom, creativity and fun.

Robbo loves art for what it does to our senses, our minds and our hearts and he never tires of decorating our streets with his pieces. Back at school, Robbo began to spread the idea of graffiti and his first crew was created in 1984. It has always been about collaboration – in the arts, music and wild parties.

That Robbo is ‘always bigger and better’ is a common saying in the scene. With bold letters he attacks walls, then fills and blends and allows them to visually echo over rolling cityscapes. In 1985 Robbo painted his first train in London, a landmark in London’s graffiti history. Other trains followed, but the ‘Merry Christmas’ train of 1988, a joint piece created with Drax WD entered the national consciousness, when it appeared on ITV news and in the Independent.

Your favorite graffiti writer is now right back on the scene, sparkling with energy and lust for what he does best. Over a pint at the pub, Robbo fires a smile towards the world as ‘Paint it black’ is played on the radio. We know what that smile means… he is up to no good again.

He told us that prior to the opening of the Team Robbo show at the Signal Gallery in London in 2011, he had a few days off and had the perfect opportunity to paint over another piece by his famous rival, but was certain that it would just be perceived as a PR exercise rather than the pure pleasure that it is for him – so he will let that opportunity pass. Perhaps the war is finally over, or maybe Robbo is moving on?  We don’t know, but this time around you can have your very own ‘Robbo’ above your living room sofa…

See this link for details of the recent Team Robbo Show at Signal Gallery

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